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Campaign Guides

Roll up that Map | 1805 in Germany

The Ulm and Austerlitz campaigns are two of the most famous of the Napoleonic Wars. Roll up that Map presents nine scenarios and two campaigns.

Great for small groups and beginners because of the variety of small actions featured. The included Uniform Guide depicts every unit in the scenarios across 700 images.

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The First Battle Lost | 1809 in Germany

In 1809 Napoleon recalled La Grande Armée from Spain to Germany as Austria declared war and invaded Bavaria.

Offering a series scenarios that cover both the opening Bavarian Spring Campaign, and the resulting pursuit and fall of Vienna that ended with the French defeat at Aspern-Essling, this title will give fans of the white-clad army of Austria exactly what they have been looking for.

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Master of the World | 1812 in Russia

After making peace with Tsar Alexander's Russian Empire in 1807, Napoleon turned to war in 1812 when diplomacy failed to address the massive blackmarket trading circumventing the Continental System.

Master of the World, our first Napoleonic Campaign Guide, set the standard for the rest of our offerings. Nine scenarios that range from the beginner to the expert, provide options for small, medium, large, and colossal battles on the tabletop. The Uniform Guide includes over 800 images for the hundreds of units featured in the scenarios.

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We shall meet in Vienna | 1813 in Germany

After the disaster in Russia, Napoleon struggled to raise a new Grande Armée and rush to meet the threat of the Spring Campaign, as the Russo-Prussian army invading French Imperial Germany. After the Armistice, highlights the first attempt to take Berlin, the massive battle at Dresden, and two of the worst disasters suffered by the French army at Kulm at Katzbach.

Our largest Campaign Guide to-date, it offers a host of major actions for large groups of players. The Uniform Guide is nearly a book in itself with well over 1,500 images covering the vast array of national armies fighting on both sides.

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The most awful situation | 1814 in France

After the collapse of the French Empire in Germany, the Allies spilled across the French frontier. The Campaign of France follows the initial Allied invasion, and their gains through January. While the Six Days portrays the Emperor's most brilliant campaign of his career.

This title represents the first two phases of the war in 1814 and the struggle for France itself.

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To Assure My Dynasty | 1808 in Iberia

Napoleon's entry into Spain is often used to mark the beginning of his empire's fall, however, the first campaigns of the French on the Iberian Peninsula were generally successful. The Uprising addresses France's initial incursions into Spain and Portugal after the populations rally against them. The slow pace of progress is the clear driver of The Emperor's Arrival, as Napoleon seeks to quickly defeat his ally-turned-opponent and quell the unrest.

This is our first title covering the Peninsular War and marks just the beginning of the Iberian adventure.

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