We shall meet in Vienna

1813 in Germany
The Spring Campaign to After the Armistice

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A Supplement | For All Systems

We design our Campaign Guides to compliment Et sans résultat! but we don't believe supplements should only work with one game system.

There are literally hundreds of Napoleonic wargames available and, We shall meet in Vienna works with nearly any one you choose.

With maps provided in scale miles, orders of battle down to the battery and battalion level, and an ever growing ratings conversion page for translating Combat Ratings to other popular Napoleonic games, you can begin using We shall meet in Vienna on your wargames table immediately.

Don't see your favorite game on the conversion page? Write us and maybe we can help with that.

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Nine Battles | And all 'em Big Ones

In 1813 even the small actions were big. We shall meet in Vienna offers nine scenarios, covering eight battles. Even the smallest would be considered a major engagement in an earlier campaign.







Großbeeren & Blankenfeld

1st Kulm

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Two Campaigns | Many Possibilities

During the Spring Campaign, both sides have the potential to win the war and end the conflict in their own favor.

After the Armistice, the tide has shifted, with the French now playing for time, while the Allies seek decisive results.

Playing the scenarios as linked campaigns, it quickly becomes apparent which engagements are must win battles, but those that are important to your opponent, may not be otherwise of consequence to you.

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Ready to Play | Out-of-the-Box

We shall meet in Vienna provides the game host briefing for each scenario so the organizer doesn't need to do any additional research or work to setup the gaming table and invite over the players. Just get out your miniatures and layout your terrain!

  • Historical Context
  • Orders of Battle
  • Victory Conditions
  • Intelligence
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Imperfect | Knowledge

Standing over the wargames table players are nearly omnipotent, see all, know all. But on the battlefield generals commonly see only a small portion of the confused mess, made worse by smoke and inaccurate reports.

With individualized briefings players begin the game with imperfect knowledge, forced to construct a plan without the real dispositions of their enemy, or sometimes themselves.

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A Complete Guide | To Over 1500 Uniforms

The early campaigns of 1813 involved nearly a half million men, organized into hundreds of regiments, from four major nations and close to another dozen minor states.

We've all prepared and organized the forces for a large battle only to realize that none of our reference materials show us the uniform of that one last regiment.

Tracking down the Late War uniform of the 3rd Regiment Étranger aka the Irish Legion, or the Würzburg Jägers zu Pferd, or the mixed facings of Saxony's Converged “Spiegel” Grenadiers, can prove far too difficult.

Never again.

Over 1500 uniform images, detailing every regiment featured in the scenarios. All in one place, for easy reference.

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Again and Again | And Again

We shall meet in Vienna is the third Campaign Guide to be published by The Wargaming Company for the Napoleonic Wars.

Our first, Master of the World, 1812 in Russia, was followed by our second, Roll up that Map, 1805 in Germany.

Now We shall meet in Vienna makes three.
And there will be more.

Future titles will follow the same format:

  • Campaign Frameworks
  • Historical Scenarios
  • Host and Army Briefings
  • Extensive Uniform Guides

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